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Infant Care

The assessment and care for an infant is quite unique from that of an adult. Spinal stress can occur in-utero during fetal development depending on baby position and pelvic alignment of the mother. The birth process also puts tremendous amount of stress on the neck of the baby regardless if intervention is needed. A baby wellness check ensures optimal spine alignment to set the stage for a strong foundation during the growth and development to follow. Often babies and children will express different symptoms than adults when subluxations (misalignments) exist, and sometimes no symptoms may be present at all. Some indications that a spinal check-up may be beneficial for your child include:

  • Difficulty nursing

  • Sudden change in behaviour

  • Constipation

  • Assymmetries in skin folds, or movement of arms, legs or head

  • Favours one side during nursing

Infant Care

If you have specific questions regarding your child or are curious if a Chiropractic assessment may be helpful, please contact our office.

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