Prenatal/Pregnancy Care

A woman’s body goes through many fast and profound changes during pregnancy. Taking steps towards optimal body balance and biomechanics prior to pregnancy is important for a healthy birth experience. During pregnancy and in the months following birth, the body produces a hormone known as “relaxin” which relaxes ligaments to allow for easier pelvic opening. This hormone, along with the quickly changing center of gravity as the baby grows, can lead to increased misalignments, pain and potential restriction during labour. During pregnancy, there are 3 main goals of care:


  1. A natural approach to decrease pain as the body shifts and changes.

  2. Optimize pelvic alignment to allow for best baby position during pregnancy and peak opening during labour. Webster’s technique focuses specifically on sacral alignment and round ligament balance, since these work in tandem to support the uterus. Restriction or malalignment to this system can alter uterine positioning and ease of fetal movement.

3.  The nerves from the spine affect more than pain and movement. Nerves travel to the reproductive system and all other organs and glands, allowing for direct communication and internal guidance of body processes. Healthy nerve flow is essential for adequate nerve communication.


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