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Benefits of Massage Therapy

In these tough economic times, a lot of us are tempted to save our money and use it for other things. While it might be good to hold off from splurging on some things – clothes, nights out on the town, accessories – one very vital thing to make sure you have money to splurge on… your health!

Making sure you have money to spend on a massage is paramount! It releases the stress of your daily life, helps to fix what is out of the norm, and prepares you for whatever you may be facing in the future!

Making massage a priority is important because massage;

  • Relieves muscle tension

  • Increases circulation

  • Improves the quality of restful sleep

  • Increases vitality

  • Aids in a calm state of mind

  • Helps you to recognize stress in its early stages (shoulder/neck pain, stomach issues, and many other warning signs)

  • Supports you psychologically by helping you better handle stress

  • Gives you more energy for other activities – playing with your kids, date night with your spouse, sports/activities, studying, etc.

So when you’re thinking about getting that extra latte (which could actually worsen the stress) hold off and pocket that money for a massage – a stress relief that will last for more than a couple of hours.

Alysha Woodhead is a Massage Therapist at our Quarry Park Location and provides clients with both therapeutic and deep tissue massage. If you'd like to book with her, give us a call at 403.257.9707 or visit our online booking page!

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