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Home Mobility Kit

Backstrong Health Group has introduced functional movement evaluation and exercise into the list of services provided.  Traditionally, chiropractors assess and treat segmental misalignment of the spine that may contribute to pain and/or limited movement.  

The evaluation of range of motion, flexibility and strength of postural muscles is now available and included in our comprehensive functional movement assessment.

Treatment may include chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression traction, postural corrective and functional movement exercise plans.

Our clinic also offers therapeutic massage and acupuncture services.

In addition to our in-office care, we have developed customized home exercise protocols that will promote faster recovery times and lasting results.

To assist with the at-home portion of your treatment program, we have put together a Home Mobility Kit with many devices and tools to help with your recovery. Call our office at 403.257.9707 to schedule your functional movement evaluation.

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